Autodesk Maya Dependency Script for CentOS 7

3D Applications

About a month ago I wiped my workstation and started fresh with a CentOS 7 minimal install. In the process of getting up and running, I needed to reinstall Autodesk Maya and all of the dependencies that go along with it. In order to expedite this process for myself in the future and for others, I whipped up a quick shell script that takes care of all of Maya’s dependencies.

Installing Discord Canary on CentOS 7

General Linux

One of the latest in text and communication apps, Discord has quickly become among the most popular apps since its release in 2013. It provides a whole slew of features utilized by casual users and gamers, and even for office work. It has a thriving community, and it’s public API actively supports multiple languages for those who wish to extend it’s capabilities through web app integration and custom server bots. To top it off in April of 2016 Hammer and Chisel, the company behind the app, released what they are calling Discord Canary to the world of Linux. This was fantastic news as now Linux users can take advantage of all the app has to offer without being forced to use the web browser version. This does come with a catch, however.

Maya 2016 for Linux Users and Students

3D Applications

Over the past few months I’ve been seeing a bunch of posts in the Autodesk AREA forums and other sites asking about the Linux version of Maya for students and installing Ext 1. I’m hoping that through this post you will begin to understand what is required to accomplish these things and why you should wait for Maya 2017. I should emphasize that this post is geared towards students and not subscription members.